Sunday 26 May 2024

Eipper Quicksilver MX IIs at Galatea 25-5-2024

Mark Pattenden was at the flyin held at Galatea yesterday where there were a remarkable four of the first generation Quicksilver MX II microlights (albeit one was deregistered):

Quicksilver MX II Sprint ZK-UMC (c/n 0652) was originally registered in June 2006 and has been owned by the Uruwera Aero Club since 3/10/19.  Obviously it is active.

The second MX II was a Sport model, being ZK-CWT2 (c/n 99120) is a very recent registrant, having been on the register for G G Iles of Murupara since 21/2/24.  It would be interesting to know where it came from.

ZK-MXJ (c/n MAANZ/288) is one of the early MX IIs to be registered here in November 1984 - one of a remarkable 23 MX IIs to be registered in the ZK-MX batch of registrations.  It has been registered to W N Iles of Galatea since 6/5/20.

And also in the hangar was the unregistered example which is ex ZK-JBR (c/n MAANZ/482) which was first registered in December 1992 but was withdrawn and cancelled on 12/6/15.  However it still looks complete.

With other MX IIs flying at Feilding and Rangitata Island and up North do I detect a renewed interest in first generation microlights?

Thanks for the use of the photos Mark.

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