Monday 13 May 2024

A brace of Caravans at Paraparaumu.

 Lord Nelson noted two Cessna 208 Caravans at Paraparaumu today.
The Cessna 208B Super Cargomaster ZK-MLO2 c/n 208B1125 was delivered to Air Pak Express SA, Spain on 11-05-2005 as EC-JHI. From there it went onto the German Register as D-FAAF from April 2009 and spent time with Skydive Flyzone. Its German registration was cancelled in April 2022 for it to become N208FF with Tarco Aircraft Funding LLC of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and then to Merlin Labs of Boston, Massachusetts from 30-11-2022.
Mentioned previously Here.
As such it ferried via Honolulu and Apia on 26-05-2023 and into Auckland on the 28th. 
It became ZK-MLO2 on 07-06-2023 with Merlin Labs NZ Ltd on 07-06-2023.

The Cessna C208 Caravan 1 ZK-EAV2 c/n 20800659 was registered new to Evander Aviation as N874ET on 17-09-2019 and was passed over to Gateway Air Center of Merced, California from 15-10-2019 for ferrying to New Zealand.
This ferry flight departed Eisenhower Field at Wichita, Kansas for Independence on 02-11-2019. Then on to Colorado Springs and Merced on the 13th. The run to Honolulu was on the 21st and then to Faleolo, Samoa on the 23rd and into Auckland on the 24th.
The US ferry registration was cancelled on 27-11-2019 and it became ZK-EAV2 on 03-12-2019 with Evander Aviation Ltd at Wellington.

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