Thursday 6 April 2023

Tecnam P 92JS-UL ZK-NSR/3

The New Zealand Tecnam agents,, of Gore recently imported a used P 92 JS model from India where it had been VT-AMB and registered it here in New Zealand as ZK-NSR3 in July 2022:

ZK-NSR3 (c/n 081) was registered to of Gore on 6/7/22.  The registration reflects's owner Neil Ross's initials (which had been earlier used on a Tecnam P 92 Eaglet ZK-NSR2 from 2008 to 2021)  The first use of ZK-NSR was a Quickie 1 that was built by Neil Silyn-Roberts of Auckland back in 1982.  

Thanks to Neil Ross for the above photo which was taken at Haast on 23/1/23.  You can see ZK-NSR2 HERE and the original ZK-NSR HERE

On 4/4/23 ZK-NSR3 was re-registered as ZK-WWT for a North Island owner.

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