Monday 17 April 2023

Another view of SAANZ at Ashburton

 Also making a show was the locally based North American T28B Trojan ZK-TGN c/n 200-289 of Brian Hall.
It was delivered to Ashburton in January 2021and is housed in the Aviation Museum's hangar.
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Descending overhead with air brake out. Pilot being Kevin Langford.

Down from the far North was the Corby CJ1 Starlet U/L ZK-LDI c/n 303 with Brian Taylor about to be photographed by "Sir Minty". 

An unexpected bonus was the rollout and engine run for Jared Mulholland's Aero L-29 ZK-JRF.
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A very recent arrival in the area for Thomas Baxter of Valetta is the Cessna 185D ZK-CKT c/n 1850929, ex Shannon Harnett of Opotiki. It replaces Thomas's Cessna 180 ZK-BMW.

Another Ashburton local, but currently based near Leeston, is the Allan Bowman Rans S6ES Coyote II ZK-ALB2 c/n 08081901. This first flew at Rangiora on 28-09-2012.

Down from Auckland thescratch built Gary Briggs Sonex ZK-SXR c/n 1531 is on the move. 


  1. Are there any Delfins currently flying or going to fly in NZ?

  2. Four still on the register.
    ZK-JRF as above. Close to re-flying.
    ZK-JET stored at Alexandra in good condition.

    ZK-SSU and ZK-VAU stored near Christchurch after many years parked out at Christchurch International. I would be very surprised to see these two fly again.

    ZK-SSS cockpit/nose section trailer mounted at Ashburton Aviation Museum.
    ZK-WBD "Screamin Eagle" Viper powered. Last heard (so to speak) on engine runs at Wanaka. Engine damaged by FOD.
    No "26" a pending project at Ashburton.

    Anybody know of any others ?

  3. JRF will fly soon, #26 is about to be assembled, WBD is stored pending a new engine.