Thursday 6 April 2023

Some helicopters at Ardmore 6 April

Imported from Japan in 2022 by Heliflite Ardmore for refurbishment and resale was the 1988 Bell 206L-3 LomgRaner ZK-HFI3.

One of 6 Agusta-Bell 206B imported from Abu Dhabi by Volation in 2022 was ZK-IAC2 which in March 2023 was sold onto Warkworth based Skyline Helicopters.

Latest addition to the Heliflite training fleet at Ardmore is R22 ZK-IFB2,  being added in November 2022.   This was originally imported new back in 2005 as ZK-IBS,  becoming ZK-HMH3 in 2020, and then IFB in late 2022 to align with Heliflite's other R22 ZK-HFB3  (see below).

And Heliflite's R22 ZK-HFB3 now has an updated paint scheme,



  1. Interesting about IFB's updated paint scheme. I thought the rule is that all helicopter's in the IAA - IZZ range must either display the full registration such as ZK-IFB or, if abbreviated, to include the 'I' such as IFB. For example, avoiding possible confusion between HFB and IFB.

  2. Hi Peter Its HFB that has the updated paint scheme and thus the registration displayed as "FB" is ok.

    1. Crikey - quite right. Must have been too early in the day for me to make that "observation".