Friday 21 April 2023

The Beginning of a Fokker Scourge?

When I was at Classic Fighters I did a quick walk through the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre WW 1 display.  There were seven of Sir Peter Jackson's flyable aircraft parked in the area by the hangar doors - 4 Fokker Triplane replicas, a Pfalz D III replica, a Nieuport N 24 replica and the Halberstadt D IV replica.  These had not changed since my visit in 2014 and I was told that they have not flown for quite a few years.

However I did take a quick photo of the Fokker E III replica (105/15) that is on display:

This was of interest to me because it has now been joined in New Zealand by several other Eindecker replicas.

The first of these is The Vintage Aviator's recently registered E III ZK-EIN2 which is also painted as 105/15, which was the aircraft flown by Ernst Udet.  However ZK-EIN2 wears a different colour scheme to the above example.  And TVAL also have another Eindecker well advanced.  These two Eindeckers were originally started by Achim Engels in Germany.

And as if that was not enough, another Eindecker has just been unpacked from a container at Omaka!  This is another Achim Engels airframe that was completed by The Australian Vintage Aircraft Society (TAVAS) with a 9 cylinder CAMS Gnome Monosoupape rotary engine that was manufactured at Omaka.  However the TAVAS collection has closed and three of their aircraft - the E III Eindecker which is painted as 345/15, a flyable Fokker D VIII and a Fokker D VII project.  These aircraft are on long term loan from Achim Engels.

How amazing is that!

(And of course there is the Brodie's Airdrome Aeroplanes 75% scale Eindecker E II replica ZK-EII2 painted as 37/15 at Rangitata Island).

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  1. I helped unload the TAVAS Eindecker at an event in 2015.