Sunday 9 April 2023

Iroquois 17 at Omaka.

 This caught my eye at Omaka during the last few days.

Iroquois UH-1H c/n 11564 previously s/n 69-15276 in the US Military until stored at AMARC.
It was acquired by the RNZAF in October of 1995 as an attrition airframe but never 'taken on charge' and was used as an instructional airframe at Woodbourne - and was often referred to in house as Iroquois 17 as a follow on from the sixteen used operationally in NZ.
It is now with the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (nmit) with all of its RNZAF marks removed. However a close look at the black taped over strip on the tail boom, just below the tail rotor, reveals the NZ3809 serial - so a tail boom swap at some stage !

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  1. Yes had a look at this and she is very complete and in great condition.