Friday 14 April 2023

Classic Fighters 2023 - Comper Swift Replica

A feature of Classic Fighters is the Restoration Row that is in the Marlborough Aero Club hangar.  This year there there were projects including Yak 7 and 9B fighters, the fifth rediscovered Bristol Fighter, a Fokker D VIII and a DH 2 replica which is one of several at Omaka.  However there was one other aircraft that I had not known of and was a surprise:

That was a replica Comper Swift project that is marked as ZK-ACG2 although it has not yet been registered.  As can be seen in the details sheet below (click to enlarge) it is powered by a Revmaster VW conversion and it is expected to fly this year.
The original ZK-ACG was also a Comper Swift that was registered back in 1931, and that we have covered the history of HERE


  1. Do you know identity of builder/owner?

  2. I understand it will be owned by the syndicate that is building it.