Monday 3 April 2023

Sling 4 TSi ZK-MKV/2 at Feilding

Our second Sling 4 TSi aircraft to be registered here has been assembled at Feilding by the local Sling agents Alex Kaandorp and Brad Pearpoint of Sling Aircraft New Zealand.

ZK-MKV2 (c/n 275sk) was built by Andrew Dix as a factory assisted build at the Sling factory.  It was registered as ZU-IUO and flown in South Africa.  Andrew then exported his Sling to New Zealand arriving earlier this year.

Alex has also sent a photo of both our Sling 4 TSi's together at Feilding - Thanks for the photos Alex.

And here is a photo of the Sling as ZU-IUO - thanks to Andrew Dix for this photo.

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