Wednesday, 26 April 2023

Bede BD 5 ZK-XBD is Now a BD 5J!

On Anzac Day Andrew Vincent posted a comment on a post that I did on BD 5s in New Zealand way back in July 2009.  The link to that post is HERE

Here is Andrew's comment:
I purchased ZK XBD from Grant Nichols of Tauranga, flew it for a couple of years, and have since re-engined it with a PBS TJ100B jet engine. I carried out the other required configuration changes/reinforcements to redesignate it as a BD5-J. First flight was April 2023. Regards, Andrew Vincent

Thanks very much for the comment and update Andrew, and for the photo which I got from the internet (so I cannot credit the photographer - if it is you please let me know and I can redress that). 

A later comment on this post has advised that the photo was taken by Jason Wakelin from his Vans RV 7 ZK-WRV, who was acting as chase plane for the test flight. 


  1. Photo by Jason Wakelin (ZK-WRV chase pane for test flight)

  2. Where is it based ?

  3. Congratulations Andrew, and excellent shot Jason!