Thursday 13 April 2023

Classic Fighters 2023 - Tom's Pup ZK-OFG

 Following on from the Chariots of Fire Sopwith Pup, there was another replica Pup at Omaka:

That was the full sized Airdrome Aeroplanes replica ZK-OFG (c/n 20190821) that has recently been completed by a group at Mapua.  I was shown around it by one of the group and it was quite whimsical.  One really neat touch is that where many of the original Sopwith Aircraft had "Kingston on Thames" on their fins OFG has "Mapua on Estuary".  It is powered by  Lycoming O-320 engine which is neatly cowled and disguised.

As appropriate it was displayed alongside the Chariots of Fire Pup which is more accurate with its CAMS Gnome rotary engine.  You can compare the two Pups in the above photo.

And the Tom in the name is for Sir Thomas Sopwith.

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