Saturday 22 April 2023

A Possible Resistance to the Fokker Scourge? - DH 2s in New Zealand

In WW 1 the British developed the DH 2 to help resist the Fokker Scourge.  The Eindeckers had been fitted with interrupter gear that allowed their machine guns to fire through their propeller arc without hitting the prop.  The British didn't yet have a successful interrupter gear so their solution was to have a pusher aircraft with a machine gun that could fire forwards without impediment.

And as the DH 2 followed the Eindecker, so in New Zealand we have various DH 2s coming along:

We have had a DH 2 fly in New Zealand, being The Vintage Aviator's ZK-JOJ which was first registered on 1/7/07 and is now on static display at the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre although it is still registered.  It is powered by a Kinner radial engine.  Unfortunately I do not have a record of who took this photo but the pilot is the late Stuart Tantrum.

But more DH 2s are on the way.  This is a photo from Restoration Row at Classic Fighters 2023 showing a DH 2 project.  It is one of three DH 2s that came to Omaka in a partly built state from EAA Chapter 292 in Oregon.  I think progress on these projects could accelerate now as the Omaka Bristol Fighter projects are complete or sold. 

But wait!  There is more!

The Vintage Aviator also has two DH 2 projects in an advanced state.  I saw them when I visited their Wellington factory some years ago (but sadly that factory has now closed down).  Both of these DH 2s are powered by Gnome rotary engines.  I really hope we might see these aircraft appear sometime in the future and help in the resistance to the Fokker Scourge.

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