Saturday 12 October 2019

ZK-SMH update

I have just received the following update on the status of the Avid Heavy Hauler UL ZK-SMH c/n 745

I see that ZK-SMH  is still showing being owned by Bill Irwin on your awesome site.

My partner and I purchased it in July 2018 from Bill up in Cromwell  where It had been sitting for approx 12 years in a darkened shed. 
The hour clock at the time of purchase showed a mere 19.4 Hours.
Once back at Taieri and over the next 12 Months, SMH's original 582 Silver top and gearbox were replaced with a brand new Blue top 582, new gearbox and starter and other work done to get her back in the air. 
She first flew again on the 18th August 2019.

ZK-SMH  Syndicate.

Earlier reference to ZK-SMH can be seen HERE

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