Friday 11 October 2019

Omaka's remodeled 'Dangerous Skies' opened.

Recently revealed during the opening of the newly remodelled 'Dangerous Skies' hall at the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre (OHAC) is Noel Kruse's immaculate Ryan STM ZK-ABC accompanied by Lyndall Edwards' equally pristine SS Jaguar. 
The unusual pairing, both from the drawing boards of 1934, have made their first public appearance together with the opening of the new hall at the AHC, along with the trio of WW-II Luftwaffe combatants, Spitfire Mk.XIVe, Yak-3, Hurricane and the remarkable Hudson Jungle diorama. A 'must-see' if in Blenheim. 
Cutting the ribbon on the new exhibition took place on the evening of September 12th.

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