Tuesday 22 October 2019

50th Anniversary Tiger Moth Club Flyin at Taumarunui (2) - Other Interesting Attendees

Apart from the classic De Havilland aircraft, there were several other aircraft of interest at the Tiger Moth Club flyin at Taumarunui:

Glastar ZK-CDP2 has now been reconfigured as a taildragger and is now registered to a Whitianga address.

 And another tailwheel conversion is Cessna 150D ZK-CHH, up from Feilding.  This was converted to a taildragger in 2000.

 Tecnam P 96 Golf ZK-ELG2 has not been posted on the blog previously.  It is ex ZK-SAM3 and ZK-DMT2, and came from Taupo.

 Richmond Harding's Spitfire Mk 26 ZK-SPT was up from his home base at Wanganuui.

 And there were a couple of different classic Cessna taildraggers:  C 170B ZK-BLT which came from Auckland...
and C 195 ZK-AZK came from just up the road at Te Awamutu.

Thanks again to Jordan Elvy and Tony Hogg for the photos.

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