Sunday 20 October 2019


Noted at Rangiora on 23rd of January this year was the Jabiru 2200 powered Zenith CH-701 STOL N73EX (c/n 7-6120)
Built by George and Barbara Rice of Albany, Michigan it first flew in August of 2008 and it gained its US airworthiness certificate on 11 February 2009.
Two more owners followed :- 
Bryan Eves of Hartville, Ohio from January 2009,
 followed by Don Burkholder of Hershey, Pennsylvania from June of 2009.
Its US registration was cancelled on 24 October 2018 for export to NZ.
Above on the 4th of October I noted it with its pending ZK registration vinyls taped in place; still with its US N73EX  near the top of its fin.
On 19 October 2019 it was registered as ZK-STE to Stephen Preest of Waipara and is seen above on the same day.
As can be seen by the reflections it is bare metal apart from the white engine cowlings.
Stephen also has the Eipper Quicksilver MXII ZK-MXG.

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