Monday 7 October 2019

Druine Turbulent ZK-WPT

We have featured the Turbulent ZK-WPT in a couple of posts on the blog, originally by Allan Brizell of Westport (hence the registration?) at:  Allan completed the Turbulent after he had purchased it from Dennis Niles of New Plymouth.

It flew from Greymouth to Rangiora in 2014 but it has not flown since.  Blue Bus photo'd it above at Rangiora on 15/6/14.

Then I posted about it a few weeks ago after I had seen it in a hangar at Rangiora HERE  In that post I noted that it had a few matters that need sorting out before it could fly again.

Well it has transpired that the said matters were not able to be sorted out and the aircraft has since been parted out, as can be seen in this photo, also by Blue Bus, taken on 12/9/19.

So I reckon that the photo at the top above is probably the best photo we are going to get of ZK-WPT.  A sad end.


  1. when originally constructed in the north island
    non avaition hardware was used brought at local mitre 10,no one would touch it with a ten foot pole

  2. I'm the owner, it was built with pine timber and ply, MDF and Balsa wood for leading edges. Only spruce we found in the entire A/C was the spar. It should've never gotten registered.

  3. OUCH is right , what the hell .