Wednesday 16 October 2019

Bazflyers Returning Home!

The globe trotting Bazflyers (Barry and Sandra Payne) left New Zealand on a round the world odyssey on 28 April when they lifted off from their home base at Taupo headed for Kerikeri and on across the Tasman.

Now they are on their last few homeward legs and weather permitting they will touch down back home at Taupo at midday on Saturday 19 October.  What an amazing Earthrounder flight they have had!  TV3 will be on the ground to welcome them and there should be an item on the 6 pm TV3 News on Saturday.

Here is Barry Payne at Vladivostok with the Bazflyers' Russian go-to man Andrei, and the trusty Comanche ZK-BAZ2 in the background.

It would be great if any blog followers could make it to Taupo to welcome them home.

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