Monday 28 October 2019

Ice bound.

Noted at Christchurch International yesterday was the Lockheed C17A Globemaster III 10-0216 (c/n P.216 which was delivered in February of 2012.
It has already carried out several runs to McMurdo and back.
 Also on the 'Deepfreeze' apron was this Lockheed C130J 46-62 (c/n 382-5550) of the Italian Air Force - presumably bound for Terra Nova Bay - McMurdo Sound.

Also due to arrive are two Canadian registered AS 350 Squirrels C-GSLF and C-FPBA for delivery down south.


  1. The AS 350B2 is C-GSLF - it arrived in Nelson on Saturday 26th, C-FPBA the day before.