Friday 14 June 2013

Quickie Q2s/Q200s of New Zealand - Mysterious Q2 and Q200 Addendum

In addition to New Zealand's Q2 and Q200 population posted in a previous post, I am aware of a couple of other aircraft that have been completed but have never been registered.

ZK-ZLO was constructed by John Philps of Wellington. John later moved to Feilding where he was a member of the Manawatu AACA Chapter.  As can be seen in the above photo, taken at Paraparaumu in 1988, ZK-ZLO looked complete.  However I have no idea why it was never registered.

ZK-PEP was built by Brent Petit of Christchurch.  It has a Subaru EA82 turbo motor with a warp drive propeller.  It was recently advertised for sale on Trade Me, from where the above photo was sourced.  Maybe we will see this one flying some day.

That does end the story of Q2s and Q200s (the Quickie variety) of New Zealand.


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  2. You should see this flying next year with an O-235 up the front. The EA-82 overheated so it never flew.