Monday 10 June 2013

Oxford Flyin Sunday 16th.


Here are the fly in details:

When and where?

  • There will be a BBQ going from 11:00am.
    $5 to cover costs.
    Shooting will start around 1.00pm. $25 for shooters BBQ included. Shotguns will be available, but you are welcome to bring your own.
    Everyone's Welcome to fly/drive in.
    (There might also be a low powered air rifle shooting area if ICEMAN is out there- Spare change donation but don't be shy to have a few goes)

    Safety Officer's Note:
    If flying in PLEASE do a overhead join and Radio Calls on 119.2
    (we don't want anyone shot down).
    The strip is 850’ AMSL and is 500 metres long on unimproved grass.
    All circuits are to the south over the river.
    If landing to the East a curved approach down the river is best. If you haven't landed at Oxford before take care as it is not as easy as Rangiora. (Get a brief from an Instructor)
    Google maps link:
Contact David McPherson (Thank you Dave for your efforts) 
03 312 4194
027 223 1870
Fly safe and be vigilant


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