Friday 7 June 2013

Cessna 180 ZK-FDO

 The Cessna 180A Skywagon c/n 50017 went new from the Cessna factory (as N9719B) to Australia and became VH-FDG with the Royal Flying Doctor Service (West Australia), Perth from 14-10-1957. The Kodak Brownie photograph above was taken by Bob Hart after he had a flight in her at Carnarvon in West Australia in 1959.
On 20-12-1965 they changed the registration to VH-FDO; then sold it to G W and W E Newton of Wyalkatchem West Australia on 18-02-1970. It had at least eight further owners, including Hill 27 Pty Ltd of Perth from 21-01-1971, then to R F Fisher of Beverley WA on 29-8-1973.
It overturned on landing at Jandakot on 13-01-1977; returning to the register again on 25-09-1079 with F F Richard - still at Beverley. In mid November 1980 it was withdrawn from use until relisted to L W Wright of Wellstead WA on 09-03-1982.
 It moved to the dealers Rossair General Aviation Pty Ltd at Parafield, South Australia on 28-02-1985 and was on sold to R H Jackson at Riddell, Victoria on 06-03-1985.
 C Walsh of Teedale, V, took it over from 19-08-1988 followed by S Leigh of Narromine in NSW on 23-10-1991.
The photo below is from the John Wheatley Collection (via Ed Coates collection) shows VH-FDO in a white and light blue scheme with gold and black stripes.

 Pics above and below show VH-FDO at Omarama on 07-01-1995.
It was listed to H C McLellan of Dalefield, Queenstown, New Zealand on 14-06-1995 and was cancelled from the Australian register the same day.
It took up the ZK-FDO2 marks on 20-06-1995 for H C McLellan at Queenstown.
Below we see her at Queenstown on 14-02-1996.
It was operated by Southern Alps Air Ltd and is seen below at Makarora on 15-10-2000.
Next in line was Brian Coakley out of Cambridge from 06-03-2001; followed by Southbranch Farms Ltd of Coutts Island (near Christchurch) from 03-08-2005 and it is seen below at Rangiora on 10-07-2009, still wearing the Southern Alps Air signage.
Ownership changed to Van Asch Grigg Partnership of Blenheim on 11-09-2009. 
Below is a view taken at Christchurch on 04-02-2010.
And below is a shot from Lord Nelson showing FDO at Nelson on 28-12-2012.
Below - I spied it on 03-04-2013 at Omaka.


  1. It was at Boom Rock Rd airstrip north of Makara, Wellington on 07 June along with fellow Marlborough machines BLA, CDY, RLY, DYZ and a Sportscruiser, the reg'n of which escapes me right now!

  2. Tks for that position report.

    One of my spies mentioned that it was at Hanmer Springs last weekend.

  3. Ha we can't do anything! Had a superb day at Boom rock. YDD was the sportscruiser.

  4. Your darn tootin.
    Little Bro is watching.