Sunday, 23 June 2013

AutoGyro GmbH Gyrocopter Evolution at Gyrate NZ Ltd, Tauranga 22/6/2013

Also at Tauranga yesterday I photo'd several of the AutoGyro GmbH gyrocopters that Gyrate NZ Ltd are the agents for, showing how they have evolved over the last several years.  I have previously posted on the MT 03 Eagle gyrocopter at

Following the open cockpit Eagle, the next model was the Calidus Fern which was a fully enclosed tandem seat model.  We have 3 of these gyrocopters on the New Zealand register.

And then came the Calidus Cloud which is a side by side 2 seater.  We also have 3 Cavalon Cloud gyrocopters on New Zealand.  You can see the 3 AutoGyro models in the above photo.  All have Rotax 912 or 914 motors.

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