Sunday 21 October 2012

Rangitata Island Flyin Sunday 21-10-2012.

Les Eade was kind enough to take me up for the early morning sniffer flight in his Rans S-6ES ZK-LVE. These two views show the Rangitata Island airfield. Above we are at the start of the a longish left hand downwind leg for vector 12. The white building mid picture is the "Moth Manor" with the mown strip between the two tree rows. The Rangitata River (North Branch) is towards the topright. SH1 enters the right hand side about one third of the way down the pic and continues across at about that level.
Photo below shows us turning onto final for 12 with the start of the mown strip behind the tall tree left of centre.
See aerodrome plate at :-
Assume the position !  or how many men does it take to -------
Some of the best landing I have ever seen - were done by these guys during the weekend.
Tecnam P2002 Sierra ZK-MVS (c/n 049) is now a permanent part timer at NZRI. It is listed with Maximim Venture Ltd.
ZK-WAL is the Rans S-7 (c/n 0195144) of Wright Aviation from Taieri.


  1. Wonderfull place, the tecnam seems a good plane.

  2. That first picture is good BlueBus!