Friday 26 October 2012

A couple of mechanical mice.

First registered on 17-10-2012 was ZK-HXZ3 (c/n 1160024D) to Way 2 Go Heliservices Ltd of Rangiora. This airframe, originally built as N8340F came to NZ and became ZK-HPX on 24-01-1980. In August of 1988 it went offshore and became P2-AHN with Rotor Work at Mount Hagen, PNG. It returned to NZ and took up the new marks of ZK-HSR2 on 17-07-1992. By July 2008 it was with Airwest Helicopters of Reefton until being purchased by Way 2 Go on 06-10-2012. It replaces and takes up the old registration of their 369D ZK-HXZ2 (c/n 1170233D) sadly lost in Lake Sumner on 21-05-2012. 
These three photos show it at Pacific Aircraft Services at Christchurch yesterday (25-10-2012) with part of the old "SR" markings still visible (above).
Below is something different.
Recently trailered into Rangiora was the Innovative Mosquito XE ZK-IXE (c/n MXE1043107) single seat helicopter which was taken over by Peter Boocock of Rangiora on 03-07-2012. 
This was built by Blair Hollands of Auckland and listed on 17-04-2009. It is powered by a Compact Radial MZ202 engine of 65hp. Its second (brief) owner was Brett Oswald of Whakatane from 20-03-2012.


  1. Dont you mean IZ not SR??

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