Sunday 28 October 2012

Question time # 156

There are eighteen aircraft in this view, taken after take off on "28" at Rangiora recently.

Name the types please.

To help make it easier (for me)  please divide your answer into section.

The four below the roped off area.

The group of five above the roped area.

The three outside the hangars left of the screen pilar.

The five to the right of the pilar.


  1. Is there a chocolate fish for each group?

  2. NO Sir Minty - there is not.

    Thought you would just do them all for a hoot.

    In case there is more than one correct answer - I will be requesting the registrations of them of all.

    If there is still more than one standing after this - then you will be required to furnish the name of the household pet of the builders wife/partner.

  3. I am not a chocolate fishaholic, so I will leave the fishy for others! If you are stuck I can have a go.

  4. From the bottom.

    Baby Lakes, Pulsar, Coyote's x2

    Starlet, Coyote, Jodel, Alpi, Turbulent, Pulsar, Dynamic, Drifter

    Karatoo x 2, Pixie, Kitfox, Ibis

  5. Good morning there Anonymous.
    Sorry for the delay in getting back to this QT.
    You are correct on all counts.

    If you flick me your postal address I will send you your chockie fish.
    My email address is in the header pic.