Thursday 4 October 2012

Pitts ZK-PIT update.

We have an update on the Pitts S-2A ZK-PIT with additional detail from ex owner John Orr.
ZK-PIT (c/n 2020) is an Aerotek built S-2A model built in 1972 as N80011 by Aerotek Inc of Afton, Wyoming before moving out to Polynesian Sport Aviation of Honolulu, Hawaii from 30-05-1972.
It was damaged on an unknow date and place.
It was imported into NZ by Stan Smith in the damaged state and after a lengthy rebuild was first registered here on 12/7/85.
 It was sold to W N (Bill) Arnold of Auckland on 03-11-1987 then to John Orr, also of Auckland, on 14-04-1989. It is photographed above at the 1989 National Aerobatics Championships at Waipukurau.
These first two photos come from the Keith Morris collection.
                              The above photo was taken at Foxpine in late 1995.
It was listed to John's Company, Aviation Adventures of Waikanae, on 01-08-1996 and then spent a period of time on lease to the Kapiti Districts Aero Club from 23-04-1998. 
John sold it to Barnstormers 2000 Ltd on 07-07-1999, and it was noted with the Christchurch Flying School at Wigram during 2001, being listed to them on 10-09-2004. They had a name change to the Christchurch Flying School (2005)  Ltd on 01-09-2005.
It sat in an open sided container for some time (as seen above on 08-11-2005) until being rescued by Sean Husheer of Ragwing Research of Napier. Sean refurbished the aircraft and it was listed to him on 03-08-2007.
Above we see it at Rangiora on 29-03-2009.
It was leased to Classic Flights of Wanaka on 10-07-2009 with whom it is was used for tourist flights.
It is pictured below at Wanaka by Blue Bus on 21-11-2010 with Ivan Krippner in the back seat.

Above - as seen at Wanaka on 15-12-2009 "The Silver Demon".
It only did about 90 flying hours during its time at Wanaka; including Ivan (at time a relatively unknown competition pilot) taking it to the NZ 2011 aerobatic championships, coming away with the Champion of Champions title.
It was re-listed back with Sean Husheer at Napier on 07-02-2012.


  1. It's about to head down to Wakatipu Aero Club on Lease re Sean in the not to distant future.

  2. Out of pure curiosity, what are the odds anyone has photos of her as N80011? A quick Google for photos leads back here...

  3. Try Stan Smith as he rebuilt it when it came into NZ.