Friday 26 October 2012

Meuller Hut visitation

Almost off topic - but - What a beautiful country we live in.
The boys went off to the high altitude weather station (at about 2000m amsl) near the Mueller hut on Thursday the 25th.
Here are a some pics as taken by Jeromy Rutherford.
Above "Don't touch the window". Thats the Hooker River flowing, left to right, across the bottom of the pic, with the Hooker Bridge near the bottom left, and the braided Tasman River in the centre.
Aproaching the hut with the weather station half burried near the middle of the pic. No wonder the lower sensors were giving strange readings.
Above.  "The Boy" thinking about doing a Kea act, ie, sliding down the roof.
 Above. The view out the other end door.
 Looking towards Mount Cook with the shoulder of Mount Sefton on the left.
Aerospatiale AS350 B2 ZK-HMD4  (c/n 2782) has returned to uplift the troops.
Above is the Mueller hut in normal circumstances. Must be something to do with glodal warming I fear.

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