Wednesday 17 October 2012

A Quiet Day at Kerikeri 12/10/2012

A trip to the Bay of Islands last week required a quick visit to Kerikeri Airport, where all was pretty quiet on a Friday afternoon. However, as always, there was something to investigate and some aircraft to photograph.

Mike King's hangar was open so I could photo his Vans RV 6.  ZK-RVK (c/n 22137) was first registered to Mike and Rosy King on 22/1/03, and it first flew on 13/2/03.  Mike said it flies very well, and it has flown around 260 hours to date.  Mike also said it is for sale if you are looking for a nice RV 6.

A couple of Skydive Zone parachute jumpships were also out on the airfield.  Cessna TU 206A Turbo Stationair ZK-DAS (c/n U206-554) was quite active.  It was registered by Cessna as N4854F.  This aircraft has a long history in New Zealand being imported by Rex Aviation for Thames Aerial Topdressing Ltd and was first registered on 13/1/71.  TAT operated it under their company Aerial Surveys Ltd of Nelson.  It suffered an engine failure and crash-landed on the Nelson Boulder Bank on 2/5/78 and was cancelled on 7/8/78.  It was rebuilt by Fieldair Ltd and re-registered on 21/5/80, and since then has been owned by a succession of mainly parachute operators.  It was upgraded by Aeromotive Ltd to incorporate a larger engine, 3 bladed propellor, extended wingtips and speed brakes, and was sold to Skydive Zone (Bay of Islands) Ltd of Paihia on 27/2/09.

The even older Cessna 182H ZK-DCD (c/n 182-56423) was parked outside the skydiving base.  This was registered by Cessna as N8323S.  It was imported by Rex Aviation (NZ) Ltd of New Plymouth for the Department of Civil Aviation in the mid/late 1960's (date unknown).  The Department of Civil Aviation used the registrations ZK-DC_ at the time.  On 28/11/68 ownership transferred to The Ministry of Transport who operated it until 8/11/77.  It then had a succession of owners around New Zealand before it was sold to Skydive Zone (Bay of Islands) Ltd of Paihia on 25/9/09.

And Robin R 2120U ZK-TZG (c/n 369) of North Shore Aero Club called in from North Shore.


  1. Thanks to show this photos,where I live the Civil aviation is an imposible dream. Here There are no airfields, airports there is only. Money, Turism, and airport taxes is the objetive of our authorities.
    When I was young, there were still some possibilities but everything has gotten worse over time. For that reason I thank you very much your blog. You are fortunate to live in a good place to fly.

  2. Nice comments there Pablo.

    Unfortunately our CAA has taken lessons from your country and are working very hard to kill sport aviation and amateur flying in New Zealand as well. They are moving quickly to price and tax individuals out of the air.

  3. You do not know how sorry to hear that,