Thursday 4 October 2012

Homebuilt Gliders of New Zealand - AMS FLIGHT Apis 13

AMS FLIGHT is a manufacturer of gliders from Slovenia who manufactured the Apis series of gliders.  The Apis series was originally developed by Albastar in Slovenia and encompasses the Apis 13, Apis 15 and Apis M motorglider.  In 2007 production was transferred to Pipistrel, and the Apis series donated their wing to the Pipistrel Sinus.

The Apis 13's length is 6.26 metres and its wingspan is 13.0 metres with an aspect ratio of 16.3.  Its empty weight is 135 Kg and MAUW is 245 Kg.  Its best glide ratio is 39 to 1.

Our only Apis glider to date is Apis 13 ZK-GNR (c/n A032KST06) which was built from a kit by Grahame Player of Auckland, and was first registered on 28/8/07.  Grahame said that the kit took around a year to put together.  He  has now flown ZK-GNR for around 200 hours and says it flies very well.

It is photo'd here at Drury by Andy Heap on 30/4/11, on the occasion of the Auckland Gliding Club's 80th birthday celebrations.  Thanks to Andy Heap for the photo.

This finishes my series on Homebuilt Gliders of New Zealand, unless anyone can advise any I have missed.

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