Wednesday 28 April 2010

Turbulent ZK-BWE

Following Sir Minty's article on the first two Turbulents, I have dug out some ancient photographs of ZK-BWE taken at Ardmore on 1st November 1965. These show the Turbulent getting ready for an airing, and one of it on climbout. I noted the colours at that time as 'white with blue trim'.
Pilot was John Caston.

The AFS Cessna was ZK-CFD, and the Auckland Gliding Club's Commer van mobile control tower can be seen prowling in the background.

A not-so-good pre-telephoto lens photo of the initial climb off Ardmore's 21 runway shows the scattering of ex-air force prefabs still extant in the distance.

John and ZK-BWE were involved in a crash at Ardmore on the 30th March 1968. Presumably the Turbulent was repaired after that accident prior to its move north.

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