Saturday 10 April 2010

Piper @ WoW

This was the only Piper that I photographed at Wanaka on the Friday, and I believe it resides there.
ZK-DEB is c/n 28-7125115. An Airwork import, arriving in NZ aboard the Austral Patriot on 15-03-1971. Registered on 19-04-1971 and first flying on the 24th for delivery the same day to the HB& EC Aero Club at Hastings. It went to R D & S F Thodey of Hastings on 26-09-1975 and then to D R Fraser of Harwarden on 11-06-1976. On 30-08-1983 it was relisted to K J & L P Anderson of Clinton and is currently with Classic Flights Ltd of Wanaka (since 18-04-2008).
Two earlier shots of it. The monochrome version is at Pukekohe on 08-01-1972 and the colour pic was at West Melton on 28-03-1987.

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  1. Oh awesome! very interesting! I learned to fly on that plane! Actually going back to Wanaka soon to do another 20 hours training.