Sunday 18 April 2010

Sextislander at North Shore

Seen at North Shore Airfield yesterday. I'm not sure but I think that is what you might call 2 Trislanders? I thought an A 340-600 was along aircraft to photograph but 2 Trislanders in line astern seem even longer and thinner!

ZK-LGF seems to be inching towards service as it had seats installed yesterday. I guess ZK-LGC was in for service but maybe they have run out of lower engine cowls!

As far as I know the third Trislander ZK-LOU is still stuck on Great Barrier Island after a propellor came off and sliced into the fuselage - very scary.


  1. See how different they look with the short nose /no front locker!
    A great aircraft[I used to look after a couple of them!]

  2. hello do you have any info bout syd jensens turbulents he made when he had aerokraft kits please

  3. Trilander LOU is actually inside the hanger, so there really is three trislanders in a row, just you cant see one :-D

  4. Thanks for that Anonymous. So it really could have been a Nontislander!

    rayner 123 - Syd Jensen built the first Turbulent to fly in New Zealand ZK-BVT. Then he built a series of Turbulent kits at Aerocraft: ZK-CFW and ZK-CFZ which were not completed, and ZK-CFX and ZK-CFY which were completed after several years storage, and are both still current. Syd/Aerocraft also built a Cassutt Racer that was not completed from my memory.

  5. thanx for that i have aquired his unsold kits 5 aircraft in total plus all the jigs and everything else rudder kits alieron kits etc,still in orignal packets one aircraft which is 90% complete was started bout ten years ago i intend on doing as cfw.i have 3 other fuesalgaes made but are dismantled 3 wing main spars im in the process of recording every thing watch this space as they say

  6. is there another Trislander in bits or under repair in addition to the broken prop ZKLOU ?? I thought that there was another ZKLGC prior to the blue version??

  7. Anonymous - I will have to leave the details of other Trislanders to Blue Bus.. Blue Bus, can you help?

  8. rayner123 - interesting to hear that you have the remaining Aerocraft Turbulent kits. I saw an advert for a Turbulent for sale in a recent Sport Flying magazine, at New Plymouth as I recall. There was a photo of it and it was blue and yellow. Is this one of your machines?

    I thought I would do a post on Turbulents in New Zealand sometime.

  9. There are three Trislanders registered at the moment. ZK-LGC/2 c/n 1042, ZK-LGR c/n 372 and ZK-LOU c/n 322.

    ZK-LGF c/n 1023 was registered very briefly in February, but I would imagine it will be back on the register soon !

    ZK-LGC/1 c/n C381 was withdrawn & cancelled on 02-10-2008. I assume it still lurks about someplace. Probably the one Anon refers to.