Saturday 24 April 2010

Talking about the PIG

Talking about "PIG" reminds me of another aircraft which was referred to as "The Pig". This was not in a derogatory way but came from a shortened version of its manufactures name.

ZK-DAI , c/n 410 , was the prototype Piaggio P166B which was delivered to Australia as VH-PQA in January of 1964. It did a stint in PNG before returning to Australia and then to NZ; arriving here on 27-02-1970 to be registered as ZK-DAI on 05-03-1970 to the Wellington Aero Club. It was then re-listed to the Clubs commercial arm Capital Air Services on 08-06-70. It was slightly different than the norm for this period in having two pusher, geared, fuel injected, super charged Lycoming engines (IGSO-540 if memory serves me). An interesting piece of kit, with a very distinctive sound.

It went back offshore on 16-01-1973 to take up its old Australian registration and was finally withdrawn in 1976.
Photo taken at Wellington on 30-10-1970
("turbo" changed to "super" charged after the error of my way was pointed out by Anonymous).


  1. Would that be TIGO-540. Turbo charged.
    IGSO-540 is supercharged.

  2. Ah.
    There is somebody out there reading my offerings !

    Thinks my designation is corect but my description was erroneous

    Induction, geared, super charged, opposed 540 cubic inch = IGSO-540.

    Is that nearer to the truth ?

    Thanks Anonymous.

  3. I think the engines would be
    GSIO-480----same as a Queen Air.
    A 'stretched'435 and pre-540 ?

  4. The I would be for Injected.......