Sunday, 11 April 2010

Darfield Sunday the 11th

A fund raising day was held at Darfield on Sunday the 11th April for the local volunteer fire brigade. Apart from the cross wind, which kept the microlights away, the weather was most kind.
Top & bottom pic shows 25metres of nicely controlled low level inertia by Terry Delore in the ASH25 ZK-GZF , c/n 25202 . This was one of Steve Fossett's machines.

A good selection of the local farm based aircraft were on hand. Piper PA-18 ZK-BKX , c/n 18-4684 . Originally with the Nelson Aero Club from Mid 1956. Since 1963 it has been in private hands. In 1981 it went to Fred Bull and John Ogilvie out Sheffield way. Ownership has moved back and forward between the two a couple of times. It has been listed to Fred Bull since October of 2005.

Piper PA-18-150 ZK-BNJ c/n 18-5063 , an ex Canterbury Aero Club aircraft, has been with Mountain View Farm Ltd since late 1964.

One of the Ashburton contingent was the Czech Sportcruiser ZK-DEC2 , c/n 08SC109 , of Ian Begbie. (Ian also has the PA-28-140 ZK-DEK).

The long lens tends to make things more dramatic. Here The Hughes 269C ZK-HZC , c/n 110-0979 , exits stage left.
Ah ! for the sigh of a (Merlin) Suzuki. Ivan taxies the Titan T51 ZK-MST . c/n M05XXX50HK0060 , (minus a u/c door) [& can somebody please decode that c/n ?].

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