Friday 9 April 2010

Question time # 92 has been resolved

Maxair Sports Drifter XP503 ZK-XPA , c/n MAANZ/379 , as seen at Stratford on 19-03-2010.
The first clue was the rear seat mount for this aircraft. Second was the nose cone.

frankv takes the cake :- or should I say Chocky fish ! Well done.

frankv, flick me an email to with your postal address, & I will send said fish on its way.
One of four Maxair Drifters & one Hummer to have graced the NZ register. Just two Drifters still remain on the register (XPA & XPC).

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  1. I've got to admit to having a bit of an advantage with this particular question... I was the pilot who flew XPA to Stratford on 19 March :)

    The scratch on the nose-cone in the second clue photo was an absolute giveaway to me!

    Incidentally, the prop was replaced with a 3-blade prop the following morning, after the original was damaged by a bird strike.

    Both XPA and XPC were at the Hastings taildragger flyin last year.