Sunday 1 August 2021

Matamata and onto Taupo

Heading down to Taupo on a stunning winter Sunday a stopover at Matamata airfield was rewarded by the former Australian Sonex ZK-VWS.   This was registered back in October 2019 to a Putaruru owner.

Locally based Airfarm Fu24-950M ZK-CRF has now acquired blue wingtips.  Originally built in 1966 this has been with the company since 2008.

One of 2 SZD50-3 Puchacz in the Piako Gliding Club fleet is ZK-GEO2.   Imported in 1991 this has been with the Club since 2016.

Down at Taupo the 1957 vintage PA18-150 Super Cub ZK-CIA3 was doing circuits.   Imported from the US in 2017 this was originally on amphibious floats at North Shore airfield before being sold to Taupo based Venture Aviation in 2020.

And part of the Heli Sika fleet is Hughes 369E ZK-HWB3 which has been with the company since importation from the US in 2001.



  1. What's with all the vinyls on the Sonex ?

  2. In case you wondered why the Puchacz glider is registered ZK-GEO, the word Puchacz is Polish for the Eagle Owl bird hence EO. You can see one illustrated on the fuselage ahead of the canopy.