Wednesday 18 August 2021

Cessna 185A ZK-DXG

The importation of Cessna 180/185's into NZ continues at a slow but steady rate.

One of the more recent additions to our register is the Cessna 185A Skywagon ZK-DXG2 c/n 185-0503 as listed to Skywagons Ltd of Twizel.
This airframe spent its early years from 1962 in Zambia as VP-YUN, VP-RUN and 9J-RUN before moving to South Africa to become ZS-FSV.
It was moved to Australia in February of 2009 and became VH-FSV from 25-01-2010.
It was sold on 16-12-2018 and cancelled from the Australian register on 07-07-2020 and was noted above at Pukaki (Twizel) still in VH marks in October last year.

Its NZ certification was carried out by Skywagons Ltd and became ZK-DXG2 on 11-03-2021.
Aaron Murphy captured (below) it in its NZ marks at Pukaki on 11-07-2021.


  1. This is the a/n before zk-ccl/ctn/cvf/sow/MIT I would love to get the together, the last time that happen was as the went into boxes at Wichita in 1962!

  2. Spot on there Mit.

    Got your comment three times thanks.

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