Tuesday 31 August 2021

Auster ZK-BCK

 The Auster J5F Aiglet Trainer with the constructor number 3106 was built in the UK in June of 1953 and imported into New Zealand by the Bristol Aeroplane Co (NZ) Ltd of Wellington and gained it certificate of airworthiness as ZK-BCK on 07-10-1953 for delivery to the Canterbury Aero Club at Christchurch.

Below we have three photos from the late Jack Browne showing it in its time with the Canterbury Aero ClubOutside the Club hangar on 09-01-1954.

Above - watching over some international (?) sporting event at Christchurch Airport in March of 1954.

Below - the masses having avoided Aviation Security with the lady on the right appearing to be about to swoon over the site of the Auster !

The Club began receiving Piper Cubs from October 1956, ZK-BNL, followed by ZK-BJG, ZK-BNJ and then ZK-BNO by early 1961 and ZK-BYW in 1962.

This lead to the Auster ZK-BCK being sold on to the Greymouth Aero Club in January of 1960.The in turn sold it to the Whakatane Gliding Club from August of 1963. 
It then was listed to G R Bell and W J Hepburn of Whakatane and carried the "SMIRNOFF IS THE VODKA" at this time.

Photo below from this period from an unknown source.

Above as seen at Rotorua on 10-01-1967.

It was damaged at Paraparaumu on 05-08-1967.
Another shot taken at Rotorua on 13-12-1968.

 Roger M King of Auckland was the listed owner from 29-11-1971.
Additional ownership changes had it listed with John T Rika at Masterton from 02-05-1975.

Photo below is ZK-BCK as at Masterton in December 1975 from Allan Wooller.

 And then with C W Welsh at Timaru from 30-05-1977.

These two show ZK-BCK at Timaru on 09-10-1977.

Above as captured at Hawera on 02-09-1979.

It appears to have been damaged at Stratford on 10-10-1981 and was on sold to C G Hill and I L Cameron of New Plymouth by December that year.

Below a photo by Daniel Tanner taken at Gisborne on 11-07-1983.

Granville Jones, Peter R Andrew and Paul R Faulkner of Wairoa took it on from 16-08-1982 followed by a move down to Palmerston north to D J Lundy and R F Emslie from 24-06-1985.

Tim J and D G Graham of Christchurch took it over from 19-04-1990 with it being cancelled from the register on 28-01-1991 for a rebuild. It was registered back with the Graham's on 08-09-1995.

Noted on 23-03-1996 at Tekapo

Then we see the Vincent Family of Lismore -inland from Ashburton - take control of it from 15-10-1998

Seen below at Christchurch on 28-12-1998

 Murray Vincent acquired the Auster J5 ZK-AXJ in May of 1999 and the engine from ZK-BCK was eventually transferred to it. 

On 13-11-1999 I caught it at Omarama.

Below on 12-02-2005 at Ashburton

Below at Ashburton 30-05-2007 with the Fokker F27-120A Friendship ZK-BXG in the background.

The dismantled ZK-BCK at Ashburton on 9-01-2014 just prior to sale.ZK-BCK was noted dismantled and sans engine at Ashburton in early 2014 and was sold as a restoration project to Shannon Surridge of Nelson in May of 2014.

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  1. Colin Welsh is my step Father-in-law. Great to see the history on ZK-BCK 1👍🏻