Thursday, 19 August 2021

I Remember When - A Pair of Hovey Delta Hawks at Feilding

When I was living in Feilding in the 1980s I remember catching up with Jim Fordyce at the local Manawatu chapter meetings of the AACA.  Jim was an experienced homebuilder who had built and flown his Taylor Monoplane ZK-CQE and Jodel D 11 ZK-ECU.  And at several chapter meetings at his house we got to see his latest project which was building two Hovey Delta Hawks in parallel.  I was impressed with Jim's workmanship and I thought the planes looked great,  They were both registered, as ZK-FSM and ZK-FSN, on 12/12/88 and were like identical peas in a pod:

ZK-FSM (c/n 46JAF3) was registered to D J Bowers of Palmerston North.  On 7/7/00 ownership changed to the Anderson, Perry and Coleman Syndicate of Palmerston North and it is still current with them, and still based at Feilding. 

ZK-FSN (c/n 46JAF4) was Jim Fordyce's own Delta Hawk.  It was registered to him at Feilding and he later moved to Wairoa.  On 26/3/08 it was sold to Allan Brizzell of Westport, and then on 10/1/09 it went to the Poutama Family Trust of Shannon (later followed by the Poutama Family Trust #2 on 2/9/13).  It was withdrawn on 5/5/16.

Both photos were taken at Feilding early on in the 2 aircraft's lives, in 1989.


  1. Not for getting JAU at Stratford. Altho now based in Hamilton somewhere,s.

  2. Yes I also remember ZK-JAU "Ladyhawk" at Stratford. There has also been another Delta Hawk registered here, being Jevon Snowden's ZK-FPU which first flew from Otaki. I might get around to posted about them as I have plenty of time just now!

  3. FSM - is still still sitting in the corner of the same hangar, in Feilding, as shown in the photo.