Thursday, 19 August 2021

I Remember When - A Pair of Hovey Delta Hawks at Feilding

When I was living in Feilding in the 1980s I remember catching up with Jim Fordyce at the local Manawatu chapter meetings of the AACA.  Jim was an experienced homebuilder who had built and flown his Taylor Monoplane ZK-CQE and Jodel D 11 ZK-ECU.  And at several chapter meetings at his house we got to see his latest project which was building two Hovey Delta Hawks in parallel.  I was impressed with Jim's workmanship and I thought the planes looked great,  They were both registered, as ZK-FSM and ZK-FSN, on 12/12/88 and were like identical peas in a pod:

ZK-FSM (c/n 46JAF3) was registered to D J Bowers of Palmerston North.  On 7/7/00 ownership changed to the Anderson, Perry and Coleman Syndicate of Palmerston North and it is still current with them, and still based at Feilding. 

ZK-FSN (c/n 46JAF4) was Jim Fordyce's own Delta Hawk.  It was registered to him at Feilding and he later moved to Wairoa.  On 26/3/08 it was sold to Allan Brizzell of Westport, and then on 10/1/09 it went to the Poutama Family Trust of Shannon (later followed by the Poutama Family Trust #2 on 2/9/13).  It was withdrawn on 5/5/16.

Both photos were taken at Feilding early on in the 2 aircraft's lives, in 1989.


  1. Not for getting JAU at Stratford. Altho now based in Hamilton somewhere,s.

  2. Yes I also remember ZK-JAU "Ladyhawk" at Stratford. There has also been another Delta Hawk registered here, being Jevon Snowden's ZK-FPU which first flew from Otaki. I might get around to posted about them as I have plenty of time just now!

  3. FSM - is still still sitting in the corner of the same hangar, in Feilding, as shown in the photo.

  4. ZK-FSN is currently for sale on Facebook marketplace

  5. Zk fsn delta hawk is forsale on market place on facebook in manawatu


    1. Can anyone help me with tech support

  7. I own is in my living room,under restoration.can anyone help with information on these aircraft?