Friday 13 November 2020

Hiller UH-12 ZK-HBS

 This really nice photograph of the Hiller UH12E ZK-HBS (c/n 2301) was recently sent to me by Damian Byrne and shows it at work near Makarora.


Below is a copy of a blog post I did on ZK-HBS back in 2016.
 The original ZK-HBS was a Hiller UH-12E with the c/n 2301. 
Built as N9795C and listed in March 1964 to the Puerto Rico Resources Authority. 
Ownership went briefly to G E Mattern sometime in 1966 before it came to NZ and became ZK-HBS with Whirlwide Helicopters Ltd of Hastings on 10-03-1967. 
It first flew in NZ during May and was then posted down South.
At about this time is was named "Blossom".
It had a bit of an incident at Haast on 16-03-1968 and another at Teretonga on 23-01-1969.
It was relisted to Whirl-Wide Aviation Ltd at Timaru on 01-11-1969.
On 12-06-1970 it had a tail rotor strike in the Selbourne Range (not far inland from Jacksons Bay) and was destroyed by fire.
Its registration was cancelled on 24-06-1970.

Both photographs were taken at Invercargill. Top one on in December of 1968 and the shot below on 24-01-1969.

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