Sunday 15 November 2020

Black Sands at Te Kowhai - New Vans Aircraft

Back in the day I always looked forwards to Black Sands as there usually were new Vans aircraft attending.  In recent years Black Sands has had a bad run with the weather but the 2020 flyin at Te Kowhai was back to the great weather.  So I thought I would post about the new Vans aircraft that I reckon were attending their first Black Sands flyin:

Steve Chilcott's recently imported RV 6 ZK-SJC, (and Steve's earlier Jodel D 18 ZK-SCJ was also on the field).

Ian Chapman's long term build RV 6 ZK-VNZ was attending its first Black Sands.

As was Pat Sheehan's RV 9A ZK-VNS.

Of course there were a lot of other Van's aircraft at Black Sands 2020, I reckon another eight, but they have all been to previous Black Sands flyins. 

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