Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Armistice Day Airshow at Hood Aerodrome in 2012

Today 11 November is Armistice Day and my mind goes back to an amazing Armistice Day airshow that was put on by The Vintage Aviator at Hood Aerodrome at Masterton eight years ago.  Here are some photos of the flying on the day - what a fantastic selection of WW 1 aircraft!

RE 8 and two BE 2s

Pfalz D III and two Albatros DVAs

Two FE 2Bs! - "Jess"

and Zanzibar

The Fokkers - three Dr1 Triplanes, a D VII and two D VIIIs

Sopwith Camel

Three Fokker Triplanes

Bristol F2B Fighter

and the Brisfit with three SE 5As.

And the weather was fabulous.  What an amazing day!

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