Sunday 13 January 2019

Three Merlins at Ardmore Today 13-1-2019

As the well known saying goes - what is better than the sound of two Rolls Royce Merlins? - the sound of three Merlins!

When I saw Avspecs previous Mosquito flying the chase plane was Doug Brooker's MXS and unfortunately the sound of its engine mostly drowned out that Mosquito's Merlins.  So this time the chase plane was Doug Brooker's Spitfire which produced a much more satisfying sound.  And they made a great sight together!

 Best of British taxying out.

 Spitfire Mk Tr 9 ZK-WDQ lifts off before the Mosquito.

 Air to air photography from the Spitfire - I will really look forward to the photos.

And a nice low pass down the runway looking and sounding great!

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