Monday 14 January 2019

Six Merlins Over the Years at Ardmore

What a great day at Ardmore yesterday, and it is great to see the photos from many people, including the Air to Air from Gavin Conroy that is now the heading photo for the Avspecs facebook page

I thought back to two previous excellent days at Ardmore when together with yesterday, I was fortunate to have been able to see all of the three Avspecs DH 98 Mosquitos flying, so here is a reminder:

Jerry Yagen's ZK-MOS2/KA114 took around 8 years and was first registered in September 2012.  It now flies with the Military Aviation Museum at Virginia Beach.

Paul Allen's ZK-FHC2/NZ2337 (temporary markings) took around 4 years and was registered in August 2016.  It now flies with the Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Museum at Everett, Washington State.

And the latest Mossie, Rod Lewis's ZK-BCV/PZ474 which took around 2 years and was (re) registered in October 2018.  It will be going to fly with Lewis Air Legends at San Antonio, Texas.

But wait!  There is more!  Without wishing to take anything away from the excitement of the latest Mosquito to fly, Avspecs are now well underway with their fourth Mosquito, a B IV version that was DZ542 in a previous life.  And so the excitement goes on!

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