Tuesday 8 January 2019

Cessna U206G ZK-KPM

Cessna U206G Stationair ZK-KPM (c/n U20606210) was first listed to the Cessna Aircraft Company in April of  1981 as N6273Z with a transfer to Asian Aviation Services Ltd of Bedford Texas in June that year.
It arrived in Auckland on 14-01-1983 and was registered to Motor Holdings (Aviation) Ltd of Dunedin on 19-01-1982 19-01-1983 as ZK-KPM for listing to B L Fulton of Air Picton on 30-03-1983 with whom it was operated as a floatplane.
It was damaged later in 1983 and sunk at its mooring with its registration being cancelled on 18-01-1984.
It came back on the register for Brent Ferguson of Nelson (better known for the Malibu ZK-MBU) on 04-03-1985 until moving down to Air Flite Fiordland from 30-01-1986 and then transferred to Fiordland Experience Group Ltd at Te Anau on 07-11-1986.
It is seen above in this Steve Lowe image at Queenstown on 01-04-1988.
Seen below at Manapouri on 15-04-1994.
Below at Wanaka on 30-03-2002.
It was re-listed to Air Fiordland Ltd on 29-05-2009.
Tongariro Aviation of Turangi took it over from 17-09-2010 until selling to A R Burns of Christchurch in May of 2014.
The above image was snapped at Taupo by Henry McIntyre on 03-09-2011.

It was noted undergoing its SIDS inspection and a major rework at West Melton in August 2014 ----

 ---- with the intent of placing it back on amphibious float

and utilising some parts from Cessna U206F (c/n U20602051) which was N60856, (VH-DWC), P2-DWC, P2-CMA from 22-12-1980, P2-MAA in 1991, and VH-UBI3 from 24-06-1999.
VH-UBI was damaged at Corio in Victoria on 22-01-2013 and ultimately containered to West Melton.

The project was moved up to Norfolk Road (Taranaki) -
 - and the big job was completed by Gareth Semenoff and crew at Flight Fix NZ Ltd.
At time of this blog it was fully assembled on its amphibious float and nearing departure back to Australia.
These two photos taken at New Plymouth on 11-10-2018 prior to having its 'KPM' marks applied.

 Two photos from Flight Fix NZ Ltd  showing ZK-KPM at New Plymouth on 31-10-2018 with 'KPM" registration marks applied.

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