Saturday 27 January 2018

Stratford on 24-1-2018

Making my way North from Wanganui I drove past Hawera Aerodrome but all the hangars were locked up.  I did get a glimpse trough the rear window of the Aero Club's hangar of their new Aeroprakt A 32 Vixxen LSA ZK-VHC and the newly completed local R & B Bearhawk ZK-PBH.

Then up the road to Stratford where there was some sport aircraft action and a couple of hangars were open:

Alan Warner returned from a local flight around the mountain in his nice B & F Technik FK 14B Polaris ZK-RFD.  That's Mr Stratford Aerodrome Blog (and Jodel afficionado) Nick Furmage capturing the action from the other side of the runway.  Thanks for your help at Stratford Nick.

Because the silver rego reflects in some light, here is a shot of Alan taxying in that shows the rego better.

In one of the open hangars Luton LA 4A Minor ZK-FSU sat rather forlornly.  It has not flown for a long time although it is still registered to Tony Rawlinson of Inglewood.  It is now fitted with a Rotax 582 engine.  I had not seen this aircraft for a long time and back then it had a Continental engine I think.  You can see more of its history HERE

And finally from Stratford, there is often a photo board in the Aero Club building and this Kamov KA 32 co-axial rotor helicopter took my eye as something quite a bit different.  So I took a photo of the photo.  It was not dated but this helicopter RA31029 was used by Aerolift New Zealand for helilogging from the mid to late 1990s.  You can see more info about it on our sister blog MRC Aviation by clicking HERE

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  1. From memory FSU originally had a Lycoming O-145 out of a 1939 Taylorcraft.