Saturday, 13 January 2018

Fletcher ZK-EMW

The N.Z.A.I Fletcher FU24-954 is c/n 277 and was registered to New Zealand Aerospace Industries Ltd of Hamilton on 17-04-1980 and delivered to Rangitikei Air Services Ltd of Taihape on 29-05-1980.
It is seen above in its 400hp mode at Wanganui on 22-07-1986 with the pilots name 'Geoff Rowe' forward of cockpit and 'Whakapuni' on the engine cowling.
It returned to Hamilton to Pacific Aerospace Corporation Ltd from 30-11-1987 and was moved on to Aerial Work (Mid-Northern) Ltd of Maungaturoto from 03-10-1988.
It survived an engine failure on 23-11-1994 but struck a fence on take off at Mangapai on 26-06-2001.
Next we see it is registered to Super Air Ltd at Hamilton from 26-10-2001.
They stripped it, extended the fuselage, installed a 60 cubic foot hopper and tacked a P and W PT6A-11AG turbine in the nose.
I believe it first flew in this form on 21-01-2003.
As you can see it is still with Super Air and is seen here operating recently out of Omana, a few clicks northeast of Dargaville.
Thanks to Peter Garlick for the photographs.


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  4. I just tried looking on the register for EMW but "No aircraft was found." What was her fate?

  5. It was withdrawn from use in early 2021 and cancelled 29-06-2021.

  6. Now restored to the register as from March 2022 and flying again.