Sunday 21 January 2018

Cessna 180K ZK-DBA

I finally caught up with Skyfarmers Aviation Ltd's Cessna 180K Skywagon ZK-DBA2 (c/n 18053022)  in their hangar, about 8 clicks south of Methven, on Thursday.

Below is what NZ Aviation News Magazine said about it.
It is always nice to see another Cessna 180 come ashore. 
A new listing for February 2017 is the 180K which became ZK-DBA2 on 08-02-2017 for Skyfarmers Aviation Ltd of Methven where it will join the Air Tractor AT402B ZK-SAT, the AT504 ZK-SKF and the Fletcher FU24-950M ZK-BII. 
This 180 was built by Cessna Aircraft and listed to them as N2641K before shipping out to Australia where it became VH-SAA3 on 02-07-1979 – I believe with the Salvation Army (Qld) at Longreach, Queensland. 
Other owners include K M Arnott Pty Ltd of Telleraga Station near Moree in NSW; Delmont Dale Pty Ltd with a Singapore address; then Alan Begg of Rushcutters Bay, NSW. 
Allan re-registered it as VH-IMC­5 on 30-04-1998. 
The photo below shows VH-IMC5 as at 22-04-2007.
Not long after this photo it was sold to William R Mailer of Riddells Creek, Victoria, who re-registered it as VH-WRM4 (his initials) from 09-10-2007. 
It was ferried from Scone to Lord Howe Island on 15-01-2017; into Kerikeri on the 16th and down to Timaru on the 17th where it gained its NZ certification with AVTEK. 
The earlier ZK-DBA allocation was to an AESL Airtourer 115.
Its VH registration was canceled on 02-02-2017 
Above we see it at Timaru on 06-02-2017 in full VH-WRM markings
It became ZK-DBA on 08-02-2017.
Below is the insignia as seen on the fin.
Below - by 16-02-2017 it was minus it propeller.
And was pushed (below) into the AVTEK hangar later the same day.
Next day - the 17th - it was almost minus its VH markings.
Below as seen at Methven on Thursday.

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