Wednesday 10 January 2018

Avid Flyer ZK-DDB Out in the Sun at Whangarei Today 10-1-2018

I was very pleased to see Avid Flyer Mark IV ZK-DDB2 out flying in the sunshine at Whangarei today, as I had never seen it outside before.

Craig McNeal taxying in.

The aircraft is registered to Craig's father Andy McNeal and Craig told me that they had both worked on its construction and rebuild over a period of 18 years.

Craig also told me that the Avid is flying well and now has a new sprung aluminium undercarriage which is wider than the original.  You can see the original at:


  1. Do you recall the color green used on this Avid Flyer build

  2. The colour is Tampa Green. Used to be made in nitrate and butyrate by Randolph in the US. Not sure where you would get it now. This was the colour used on the Mark 4 factory demonstration plane, and I used it (together with Bahama Blue), on my own Mark 4.

  3. It’s a two pack metallic green that we got mixed up from PPG paints and then added plasticiser to give it flexibility on the fabric from memory and is a very close likeness to that of Tampa Green.
    We had limited success with the Butyrate Tampa Green that blushed with the humidity.